Career Path: What after 10th or 12th?

Career Path: What after 10th or 12th?

“When the path reveals itself, follow it”

Recently the news columns where filled with the happy faces of 10th and 12th pass students along with the happenings of result declarations. Now after all the heat of those moments, the question arises, ‘What next? Science or commerce? Engineering or medicine? Drop or repeat?’ The questions are many and the stereotypes of our society is heavy when it comes to career choice!

Before, I wrote articles on how digital marketing can be a good career option, for anyone who is computer literate ( and ) ; on that light I would like to highlight – it can be a great choice to pick up after 10th or 12th .

Digital Marketing is a vast field with various options that can suit any mind. In this tech-savvy generation where laptops and mobile phones spend more time with you than your own family members or loved, what can be better than making a job out of it?! The main attraction is that it is easy to learn and interesting, it gives you freedom and comfort of laid back working environment and great scope to earn. In this digital era, where life itself is shifting to a digital phase, it is best to run along with the trending current surfing new waves.

If interested, you may refer to the previous articles for more details, and we are more than happy to be of help in this.

Also let us take a moment to congratulate all those bright minds who passed their 10th or 12th with flying colors; CONGRATULATIONS!

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