Facebook advertisement – the best platform for branding, Advertising and Sales in 2017

In the coming 2017-2018, it is predicted that facebook is going to be the best place for advertising, sales and branding as currently there are 200 million users of Facebook making it the highest reachable social networking site. We all know that Facebook is not just a social networking website but is a platform that connects billions of people their businesses and also various cultural, and social phenomena’s. The importance of the online social media site to business, communication and social relationship is hard to overstate, with users across the world’s devoting countless hours to the site and Facebook becoming an increasingly important way of obtaining information not only about friends and family but also about world events.facebook also have an entire interface designed for businesses, complete with business profile pages and an advertising system that allows marketers to target there adds base on the wealth of information users provide about themselves on the site. This interface not only generates revenue for the company but also creates rare opportunity for small business with limited advertising budget and a need to reach specific audiences.

At current phase, facebook is the only website that Is progressing fastly and providing platform for advertisement, brand poisoning as well as sale to the various organization. Currently there are 16k million users on facebook. It also create pages where users can interact around and with a particular brand or product. Through digital marketing facebook is creating a platform for businessmans, corporate houses and various organization .it has options like video views, branding to reach large number of audience, various kinds off add promotion for business, advertisement and sales. Earlier the cost per click was 2to 3 rupees but now it has increased to 7 to 8 rupees. And by this data it can be predicted that in the coming years the CPC will reach to 13 to 14 rupees which is definitely a vast increase. facebook allows a company to gain a deeper understanding of how a brand is perceived online and how functioning can be improved through feedbacks from the costumer and clients. You can boost your post to reach more people on small budget and can also select target audience and can track customers action on your website

81%of all shoppers research a product or service online before making a purchase. Each time a facebook user becomes a fan of a page or website than any new post by the page or website will pop up as notification on the users timeline which increases the reach of the company.It also provide brand awareness which definitely helps the new startups to gain audience and opportunity to position and also without social visibility,brands will find it extremely difficult to interact with underground influences who are shaping the future.In fact,the online business getting more profitable and sales revenue as compared to offline business nowadays. Social media has become and increasing important part of any successful marketing strategy, especially when social signals are used with SEO. facebook take engagement to a deeper level than other networks can one of the basic steps for increasing number of viewers and reach is to deliver an attractive content and also the page consistency. The online shopping website wish.com having 36 lakhs million users has placed itself on one of the most popular shopping websites through facebook. It promoted itself completely through advertisements, branding and thus increasing sales.

Orbosys had helped many small businesses by awaring them and beyond about digital marketing.Facebook being the biggest social media platform has helped small business to flourish in this era of globalization by connecting them to the entire world and giving them a wide audience reach.

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