Snapchat Vs. Instagram

Communication is an important part of the human life when it comes to interacting and developing society. As technologies are getting more advanced so are the people using them. Technologies help in creating communication which include variety of outlets like books, newspaper, radio, magazines, internet, and now mobile phones. Now we have taken communication into next level: social media. Communication has been simplified by having so many different platform over there. Some social platforms appear one day, then apparently, disappearing overnight. Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a core top social networks which doesn’t change much from year to year. Today we would like to look over at snapchat and Instagram. These two-social media platforms present a similar motive of sharing and distributing images and videos but in their own different ways. Both has managed to stay around in this competitive space. Both are moving ahead into becoming ‘’businesses’’ in their own rights with a money value and paying customers. Snapchat, is a video messaging application giving its users the features of taking pictures and videos, adding text to them and send it to any one friend or share it with others who follows you. After the receiver viewed the ‘snap’’, it disappears. It works on the objective of ‘’now you see it, now you don’t’’. it contains an amazing twist – viewers can only see the post not more than 10 sec. it platforms the illusion of nobility in an era where privacy and ownership of content is a trendy topic. It was shocking for many industry insiders when snapchat turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook last November. Snapchat is now the third most popular app among millennials, with 32.4% penetration on demographics mobile phones, trailing 43.1% only Instagram. Snapchat has 100 million daily active users in which around 400 million numbers of snaps are sent each day. Mostly popular among women’s, it has 70% women users between 13-24 age group. More than 8 billion videos view every day on the platform now Snapchat, started providing social platform to e-commerce, so that they can diversify into another sector. Snapchat is a best choice to create a sense of need among people. Snapchat offers updated platform, choose view length, video and audio chats, auto advance stories, geo filters, snapchat ads. Its new ‘’discover’’ feature allows users to find stories from different editorial terms. Snapchat is now trying to turns its platform into the go to destination for news to deliver significant advertising revenue. Since, as for now there is very little competition among other brands and advertisers. Publishers are now started pushing content to snapchat audience. Snapchat has introduced ‘’two pennies’’ to advertisers which offers 10 sec ads for only two cents per view.

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing network which allows its users to post pictures and videos online to the users following them. Content attached to the post mostly contain clickable links and headings with hashtags. Instagram has 400 million active monthly users out of which 75 million are daily users. An average of 70 million photos posted daily. Around 5 billion times a day the like button on it get clicked daily. 80+ million photos are shared per day. 68% of Instagram users are female while 32% are male, in which 41% users belongs to 16-24 age group and 34% users belongs to 24-34 age group. Instagram offers Instagram ads, Instagram analytics, Instagram shop fronts, support for multiple accounts, landscape and portrait modes. Hashtags are the most important factor of allows users to directly connect to the images containing similar tags which helps in targeting audience and to increase engagements among users. Instagram is now expending its advertising targeting features based on user’s interest, age, gender and demographic, using the photos they take as well as its connection with Facebook. Companies will now directly able to buy ads on Instagram directly or via Facebook. The new ads go beyond simple photos or video’s ‘’to carousel ads’’ which will tell a story by a series of images. Snapchat innovative appeal will likely to extend more diversified age cohort in the future. Whereas Instagram gives a significant opportunity for brands to increase their reach and engage their audience through this channel. Both snapchat and Instagram have great capability for brands to reach and engage with audiences with clear reach among key demographics. Both snapchat and Instagram provide new different features on their respective platforms. Which can prove helpful in decision making factors if we are choosing between which platform to start with.

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