Wix vs WordPress vs HTML: Which one to choose

Often, web designers are faced with this question : Which is the best tool that can provide seamless integration and ease of use? Of all the tools out in the world today, there are three which have the most stakeholders: Wix, WordPress and HTML. People often master one tool and base their web-design careers on the same. Website design companies, although have a plethora of talent pool to choose from, select candidates only on the basis of mastery in a single platform. With so many people using each of the three, which one do you choose? Which tool will give you that look and feel, that user experience and zero-error capability? Let us consider some demographics which will help you come to a conclusion.

Ease of Use

Arranging in the order of ease of use: Wix > WordPress > HTML.

There, we said it. Wix is your typical WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder platform. It’s the easiest for beginners and has drag-n-drop content blocks for all you know. A button, a text box, drop-downs, check-boxes – it’s got it all. But then, with ease of use comes limitations in design. Your answer – WordPress. If you know how to code and how the nitty gritty of a single line can contribute in changing the entire design, WordPress is there for you. Hold on though, this means you’re constantly in the testing phase. For example, changing colour codes and publishing – to see the changes live is what you’ll be doing until you get the perfect sync. Then there was HTML. Have you won a coding competition? Do you sit in front of your laptop for hours – like a boss? You can take the road less travelled and opt for HTML. Each and every page is hard-coded and updating content isn’t an easy process. You don’t have to deal with constant updates though – hence backing up becomes less of a problem. Also, cheaper servers yo!


Arranging in the order of pricing: Wix > WordPress > HTML.

If you know how to code and opt for HTML, you just deal with basic expenses like a server and your precious time. WordPress isn’t child’s play at all. If you’re not sure on the workings of WordPress, hiring someone to help you is going to cost you quite a bit. Also, then there are themes, paid plugins – it’s basically an open field from the word go. Lots of things to add and customize, the more you pour in, the more resources you get. A basic set up though, shouldn’t cost you much annually. Wix has annual plans which you can choose from – the more you invest, the more flexible it gets. Simply put, a simple and basic website isn’t going to cost you much – whichever way you go. But as you increase the resources involved, it is definitely going to cost you time and money.


Arranging in the order of maintenance required : WordPress > HTML > Wix.

WordPress is constantly releasing new updates and bug fixes – which you require to update along as you might be prone to hackers who’d take down your website or steal your data in a matter of minutes. Not updating plugins etc can also lead to disastrous results and makes you more vulnerable to attacks. HTML websites are thousands of lines of code. To figure out which section is causing problems, you’d basically have to pull off your website from the live server, fix the error and re-upload it again. This can take up a lot of time and energy, you’d often fix a bug only to find another. Wix is the most sorted platform in terms of maintenance. Their tech team is responsible for releasing updates – and your website is automatically upgraded. Rest assured, no more sleepless nights.

Somebody HELP ME!

There’s always someone better out there- who’s faced a similar problem and has the key to the solution. Getting help from online resources or your code guru is the best way forward. WordPress being an open platform, has a lot of people working on it and help is readily available. HTML coders may be lesser in number, but they’re more than willing to help you out – this may take time though, as scanning through lines of code isn’t easy at all. Wix being a service, has a troubleshoot module with a tech team more than capable to help you out. The problem faced by Wix developers won’t be as serious as maybe a HTML developer or WordPress – their systems are in place and are moving constantly toward being foolproof.

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