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Digital Marketing as a Career Option in India

Digital Marketing as a Career Option in India

Digital Marketing as a Career Option in India

“Make your marketing so useful people would pay you for it.”

– Jay Baer


The World is living a parallel life through cyberspace. Everything and anything is on your fingertips now with the power of networking horizon. The market easily shifted its arena to this wide online platform exploring new opportunities giving rise to data driven marketing or digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a marketing approach using digital technologies powered by internet. Its most popular applied methods are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing and  optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising and games. Compared to digital marketing, traditional marketing is inefficient in the current era. Digital Marketing extends its branches to even non-internet channels that can present digital media such as mobile phones, ringtones, SMS, MMS and so on.

Along with the rising popularity and demand of digital marketing its career prospective is flourishing too. TOI report of 2016 states a count of 1.5 lakh job opportunities in the field digital marketing in India.

Google Trends scale a rising graph with interest in Digital Marketing in India of the past 5 years.

The job opportunities in this field include Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Inbound Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists, Search Engine Marketers, SEO Executives, Conversion Rate Optimizer, and Content Writers. A fresh graduate can easily obtain a role with a salary close to 25K per month to 6 Lacs per annum, while experienced professionals can command remunerations in the range of 20 lakhs – 75 per annum.

Digital Marketing study field in itself is very wide with a lot of sub topics and courses available to pick. Its fashion of online self learning turned through into course option at institutes rather quickly and it is in the path to grow as a full-fledged subject choice. The best available institutes for learning digital marketing include Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) [] , NIIT Digital Marketing [] , Orbosys Cooperation [] (Dehradun), Institute of Digital Marketing [] (Thane (West), Mumbai (Dadar), Navi Mumbai (Vashi), Navi Mumbai (CBD Belapur) and in Pune at Aundh & Karvenagar), Digital Vidya [], UpGrad [] and Udemy [ ].

The ever growing field of Digital Marketing fits fine with the Digital India Movement and it makes a promising career option today; the choice is open.

Orbosys Cooperation

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