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Digital Marketing- Sidekick, Part-Time or Mainstream

Digital Marketing- Sidekick, Part-Time or Mainstream


Digital Marketing- Sidekick, Part-Time or Mainstream!

Imagine an office that pays you for surfing Facebook, imagine an opportunity to get paid for sharing your thoughts with the world, and imagine a work place that can move with you… Digital Marketing comes to big picture here. Digital Marketing in simple words is a form of marketing technique using any electronic device. Writing a FB status about the restaurant where you can get your favorite food is also a way of digital marketing and trust me, there are ways to get paid for this.

Branding or promoting a service or company through network is what a digital marketer does. Writing an amazon or goodreads review, blogging about services, using the possibilities of facebook or google+ to present any product or service… everything comes under this; sounds like a simple work right?! It is indeed an interesting and easy-cash career choice. The scope of Digital Marketing as a career is limitless; any person who is computer literate can take this up. Remember how Indian moms blame your computers for each and every mishap caused by you, or scold you for being active on your PCs or mobiles for that extra 10 minutes? Well, next time that happens show her how you are earning from it using digital marketing!

Digital Marketing can be a sidekick or part-time profession at your school or college days, it also can be your mainstream job if you are ready to spend time to learn it deeply and get a course degree; it is like a game, you can level up with more knowledge and time and increase your income accordingly. In this current era of digitalization, DIGITAL MARKETING IS THE NEXT BIG THING!

There are several options to learn digital marketing and get a career out of it. It is not necessary to go schooling on this, you can even learn it from online platforms like Digital Vidya ( ) or even do it like tuition classes from Orbosys Cooperation ( and if you are going for mainstream, UPES college ( or NIIT ( can be good choices taking Dehradun as your location preference.

Next time you browse net, think! The things you usually do on net can make you rich with right knowledge and techniques.

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