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Colors speak all languages.

-(Joseph Addison)

Colours are momentous. Just think of your coke being achromatic? Can you imagine your Fanta bottle colourless?

Sounds weird, right?

Nobody can disregard the prominence of colour while you talk about life, marketing, branding so on and forth.

But do you know almost all the brands follow colour psychology that has an impact on your behaviour simply; it speaks to you unconsciously.

Without your knowledge visuals affect your actions. It comes under non verbal communication.

The colours blue, black, red, yellow or even purple have something to say to you.

Let’s just get an insight into psychology of major colours.


Black is an ambivalent colour. Did you ever notice logos’ of APPLE, DISNEY, NIKE, ADIDAS and MTV? All these logo have something in common i.e. the colour BLACK. For many consumers, it is symbol of opulence, sway, and ascendancy; this could be easily traced in lifestyle classification. Brands like BMW and PRADA use black colour to convey supremacy. But at the same time black colour is perceived as the symbol of misfortune by middle class Indians.


Pink is conventionally attributed to females. That is why pink colour is closely linked to feminine products. Pink is also the colour of babies and tender feelings.

Thus brands like Johnson & Johnson uses pink colour for their products packaging. Ever noticed in which colour is Barbie written?

Apart from feminity and tenderness pink is used to convey feelings like  warmth, nurturing, love and sweetness. But the trend is changing T-mobile is using pink logo so as to attract the youngsters. it is taken as a sign of coolness.


Red is used to convey excitement, boldness and youthfulness. That’s why brands like KFC and PIZZA HUT uses red colour.

It also represents intensity, passion, trust and emotions. Did you ever notice KELLOGS AND COCA COLA?

The red colour is so prominent today that any new company entering the market automatically set it aside due to the fear of getting lost.


The colour blue conveys trust. It tells that the brand is dependable. The Intel logo is made up of blue colour; the State Bank Of India has its logo in blue colour.

Apart from trust, blue is a conveyer of conservatism. Just remember the logo of twitter and Facebook in your mind and you will understand.


Ever noticed emojis on your Whatsapp? They all are made up of almost one colour namely yellow. Yellow represents joyousness, juvenility and buoyancy.

Yellow colour is used by brands like NIKON, DHL so on and forth.

A color is as strong as the impression it creates.

(Ivan Albright)

Thus the importance of colours in branding and marketing can’t be ignored and the colours will keep dominating the brands.

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